Romantic Father's Day Ideas

Ramp up his Father's Day with these romantic ideas

After the kids have given Dad their Father's Day gifts it's your chance to show your man how thankful you are for everything he's done. Romantic ideas don't have to be saved for Valentine's Day or the bedroom, Father's Day is a great excuse to surprise your man with romantic gifts and sweet gestures! Remember, romancing your man doesn't mean being sleazy, nor does it include handing him a beer and flipping on the game. Showing you're tapped in to his thoughts and feelings is the best way to impress him this Father's Day. We've got a few romantic ideas to help get you started:

Complimentary service- Women aren't the only ones who like to have their egos stroked. Throughout the day, don't forget to compliment him on the little things - tell him he smells good, squeeze his behind when no one's watching and comment on how nice he looks in the shirt he's wearing. Be sure to go beyond the physical too, and comment on how good a father he is and how smart he is. You don't have to force it or lay it on too thick, but just remind him - and yourself - about all the things you love about him.

Fantasy food-There's definitely some truth in the saying "The fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Cook your man his favorite breakfast or take him to his favorite pancake house. Whip up the sandwich he likes best for lunch and give him a Father's Day gourmet feast of his choosing for dinner. Whether you're cooking the food yourself or taking him to the restaurants he likes best, plan meals that incorporate his favorite foods. And if he happens to like strawberries and whip cream, that's a perfect dessert to enjoy after the kids have gone to bed!

Manly massage- Most guys have never experienced a professional massage, and while some hip Dads would love to be treated to one on Father's Day, others will balk at this romantic idea. Instead, set up your own in-home massage parlor - buy some manly scented oils and knead them into his back or feet with your hands. If you've got dainty digits, hit up a holistic store for an acupressure tool you can use to work out the knots in his muscles.

Size doesn't matter - On Father's Day, your romantic gifts don't have to be elaborate gestures - it's the little things that count. Iron all his clothes for work or have a heated towel ready when he steps out of the shower. Steal a few kisses when the kids aren't looking and fill up his gas tank when you go out for the day. He'll notice the small things and appreciate them as much as any big romantic gift.

Plan the day around him - This may sound obvious or silly, but remember that Father's Day is about him. It's great to come up with Father's Day ideas that you can do as a family, but be sure the plans are more about him than the kids. Make sure the kids' Father's Day gifts reflect Dad's personality and let him enjoy the small things like picking which channels you watch.

Don't limit it to Father's Day - One of the most romantic gifts you can give your man is an extended holiday. Definitely spend Father's Day showing him how much you care, but as he heads back to work on Monday, pack him a lunch with a few extra goodies and slip in a note telling him how great he is and how much you enjoyed spending time with him. That simple gesture will make his Monday a bit more bearable.

Although it may not sound romantic, don't forget to minimize the work your man does on Father's Day. After dinner, shoo him away from the dishes and let him spend time with the kids instead. Leave the lawn mowing for another day and toss the honey-do list until next weekend. And remember, many women have trouble coming up with romantic gestures for their men because they're used to being on the receiving end - don't forget to steal a few hours after the kids have gone to bed to do something special for just the two of you.

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