Help Dad Max and Relax

Relaxation rules for Father's Day

Father's Day is all about giving Dad some time off from the daily grind. He works hard all year helping raise and support his family, so he's earned a break - on Father's Day, Dad should spend some time hanging out with the kids, but let him have a few hours of downtime first. We've got some fantastic Father's Day ideas you can use to help Dad feel rested and rejuvenated:

Ditch the schedule

During the week, Dad's days are crammed with meetings and deadlines, so on Father's Day, give him a break. Plan some Father's Day ideas, but don't worry about holding him to a schedule. Let him sleep as late as he wants and don't rush him to get out the door to your first activity. Take it slow and let Dad determine the day's pace. Be sure to make and keep reservations for lunch or dinner, however, as restaurants get busy on Father's Day.

Set up the sweet spot

Since he doesn't get much opportunity to do it during the week, Dad's probably going to want to nap at some point on Father's Day. Make sure he's got a comfy place to do so - clear the toys off the couch or set up a reclining lawn chair or hammock in a shady spot outside. Make sure there are soft pillows available and check every now and then to see if he'd like a drink or a snack. Set him up with a newspaper or magazine and be sure the remote control is within reach if he's by the TV. Give Dad the Father's Day gift of peace and quiet by keeping the kids occupied while he snoozes. Busy them with a craft project for Dad or take them to the park to burn off some energy.

Take a load off

Every weekend, Dad's got a long list of chores to take care of. On Father's Day, cut him some slack and either toss the chore list or enlist the kids to help. While Dad's enjoying the game on TV, the older kids can mow the lawn, sweep the garage and weed the garden. Or, you can give everyone a break from chores on Father's Day by handing out the tasks during the week. Take care of a few things each day so you'll all be able to enjoy the weekend. Helping out with the workload is a thoughtful Father's Day gift the whole family can contribute to.

Get the party started

It's nice to give Dad some time to himself, but on Father's Day, it's important for him to spend some time with the kids too. Allow Dad to lounge for a little while, then let the kids at him. Remind them to say how much they love him and how happy they are he's their Dad.

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