How To Grill the Best Barbecue Dinner

Great grilling tips for Father's Day

There's a sacred bond between Dad and his steak - maybe it harkens back to caveman days, but regardless, men just love the combination of fire and meat. Father's Day is a great time to let Dad kick back and relax while the family takes care of the cooking, so for a fun Father's Day idea, why not invite the relatives over for a big family barbecue? The dads can play a game of horseshoes or bocce while the rest of the family puts together a barbecue feast. A set of quality steak knives or barbecue tools makes a great gift for Dad, and both are important to have on hand for the barbecue. We've also got some smart grilling ideas to help you get started with your party planning!

Menu matters

The most important part of any barbecue is the food. Your budget and the number of people you're feeding will determine your menu, so start by deciding what kind of meat you want to serve. For a bigger crowd, hot dogs and hamburgers are easier and less expensive, but for a smaller gathering, steaks are the perfect barbecue choice. When you're buying steaks, you want to look for the most tender and flavorful cuts you can find. Our top picks for steaks are:

  • Filet mignon
  • Porterhouse
  • T-bone
  • Top loin strip

These cuts of steak will practically melt in your mouth, and their natural flavor is perfect. If you do choose tougher cuts of meat, it's a good idea to marinate them - soak the steaks for a few hours in a mixture of beer, a dash of Worcestershire sauce, steak spice and hot sauce. If you'd prefer, you can substitute acidic liquids like lemon juice or red wine vinegar for the beer.

It may be all about the meat, but don't forget the side dishes! Potato salad is easier for large groups, but baked potatoes are the classic side for grilled steak and are easy for smaller gatherings. Remember that baked potatoes can take an hour to cook in the oven, so plan your meal accordingly. A barbecue grilling basket makes a great gift for Dad but is also handy to use in making dinner: slice up some zucchini, red peppers and onions, and sprinkle them with balsamic vinegar, some salt and freshly ground pepper. Toss the veggies in the basket and grill for a few minutes on each side. For a no-cook option, slices of fresh tomato with crumbled feta cheese make another delicious seasonal side.

Remember, summer barbecues are a great time to enjoy the fruits of the season, so top off your gourmet dinner with Dad's favorite fruity dessert and some cold lemonade.

Grilling tips

A steak dinner is a great Father's Day idea, but you want to be sure you grill it right. We've assembled a few tips to give you the confidence of a gourmet chef:

  1. Heat the grill before you put the steaks on. If you're using a propane barbecue, turn up the heat as high as it will go. For a charcoal grill, wait until you have a single layer of white, ashy coals.
  2. Grease the grill with fat trimmed from the steaks. You can do this by holding the fat in a set of barbecue tongs and rubbing it along the heated grill.
  3. Place the steaks on the grill for one minute. Flip the steaks and grill them on the opposite side for another minute. Cook the steaks for a few minutes longer on each side. A one inch steak will be rare in about 10 minutes, medium in 13 minutes and well done in 17 minutes. Thicker steaks will take a bit longer.
  4. Remove the steaks from the grill and let them sit for two to three minutes before serving them. This keeps your steaks juicier when they're sliced.

Party planning

When you're planning your Father's Day barbecue, be prepared for unwanted guests - if you're dining outside, set out citronella candles to ward off mosquitoes and other biting bugs. Set the table with a washable tablecloth and picnic dishes, and bring the stereo outside or turn it up so Dad can hear his favorite tunes while he dines. For an after dinner Father's Day idea, why not play a game of badminton or volleyball, or take a walk? Don't forget, letting Dad skip out on dishes duty after dinner is the perfect gift for Dad.

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