Things To Do As A Family

Family fun for Father's Day

Father's Day is a great time to hang out as a family. Dad works hard all year to help raise the kids and take care of his responsibilities, so after he opens his Father's Day gifts, why not take the day to enjoy some time together? Busy dads can reconnect with the kids on Father's Day by doing age-appropriate things they enjoy. Looking for some fun Father's Day ideas? We've got great suggestions for all age levels.

Children under five

While the kids are young, you'll need to look for low-key Father's Day ideas. Little ones can get tired and bored easily so something that involves a lot of walking or sitting still for long periods of time won't work. We suggest:

  • A trip to the beach
  • A short family stroll
  • A visit to the park
  • Making a Father's Day gift by finger painting or putting together a craft
  • Visiting grandparents
  • Ordering dinner in

Children ages 6 to 12

As the kids get bigger, Dad's the guy they'll go to when they want to learn how the world works. Plan activities where Dad can teach the kids something or where they can roughhouse together. We suggest:

  • Going fishing
  • Playing mini golf
  • Going to a science center
  • Visiting a water park or amusement park
  • Having dinner at a kid-friendly restaurant
  • Going to the zoo

Children ages 13 to 18

When the kids hit their teenage years it's hard to say whether they'll want to hang out with Dad or not. Spending time with Dad is one thing, but venturing out together in public? Tough call. Look for Father's Day ideas that involve showing the kids that Dad's still got it, or giving them a peek at what Dad was like at their age. We suggest:

Adult children

After the kids have grown up and moved out they get a whole new perspective and appreciation for Dad. When they've got their own children they'll be coming to Dad for advice and using him as a sounding board, so planning activities where Dad and the kids can talk is a great idea. Our favorite Father's Day ideas for grown kids are:

This year, pick Father's Day gifts that you and Dad can use or assemble together. It's easiest for men to relax and chat while they're working on something - keep his hands busy and you'll be surprised how easy conversation becomes!

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