Things To Do On Father's Day

Fun ways to spend some time with dear old Dad

Father's Day is a great tribute to Dad, but it's also a good excuse for the whole family to relax and enjoy each other's company. When you're looking for Father's Day ideas, start with some of our helpful resources: we've got you covered for things to do as a family and ways to help Dad have the most relaxing Father's Day possible.

And remember, kids aren't the only ones who like to treat Dad well on Father's Day! We've got romantic Father's Day ideas for moms who want to give their men a special treat too.

Whether you're searching for Dad's gift, treating him to the best barbecue dinner he's ever had or looking for ways to give your military dad a memorable Father's Day, we can help you with your planning. Even if you forgot the big day, we've got Father's Day ideas to help you get out of trouble!

Get active

It's true, Father's Day is a great time to sit back and relax with Dad, but why not get out and enjoy the day? Father's Day activities don't have to break the budget - play a game of horseshoes or volleyball in the backyard. Go for a hike together or shoot some baskets at a local park. Dad's gifts can include exciting adventures like deep sea fishing, whitewater rafting, sky diving or hang gliding. Get his blood pumping and he'll appreciate it!

After spending the day together doing fun outdoorsy things, take some down time and watch a movie together. Add one of our top 10 Father's Day films listed below to Dad's gifts:

  1. Big Fish(2004, Ewan McGregor)
  2. The Godfather(1972, Marlon Brando)
  3. In The Name of The Father(1994, Daniel Day Lewis)
  4. My Girl(1991, Dan Akroyd)
  5. Dad(1989, Ted Danson)
  6. Big Daddy(1999, Adam Sandler)
  7. Three Men and a Baby(1987, Tom Selleck)
  8. Father of the Bride(1991, Steve Martin)
  9. Father's Day(1997, Robin Williams)
  10. Daddy Day Care(2003, Eddie Murphy)

Remember that Father's Day is about Dad first. Look for ways to enjoy the activities he enjoys, but also make them kid-friendly - if Dad's got little girls who like tea parties but he's into pro-football, search for a happy medium like horseback riding or a day at the beach. If Dad's a history buff but his sons are into wrestling, take the family to a war reenactment where the kids can play a role. Find creative ways for the family to enjoy time together and this will be Dad's best Father's Day yet.

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