Our Favorite Gifts For The New Dad

Creative gift ideas to ease him into fatherhood

Being a new dad is tough work! Even though he’s had nine months to prepare, Dad’s probably a little overwhelmed and overtired from the big changes in his life. Help him adjust to daddyhood by giving him a shoulder to lean on or just some sound advice. Although he’s not likely to receive any baby shower gifts, we’ve got some great ideas to help him cope during life with a newborn:

Diaper bag - They’re not just for mommies anymore! Since Dad’s probably pulling a lot of diaper duty, this hip bag makes a great gift. Most dads wouldn’t be caught dead in the teddy bear and rattle pattern, that’s why we like this contemporary design - with its sleek look and multiple pockets and clips to tote all Baby’s accessories, this is a diaper bag Dad will be happy to carry.

The Mother of All Baby Books - It’s true that babies don’t come with instruction manuals, but this book is the next best thing. A great gift idea for fathers of newborns, infants and toddlers, The Mother of All Baby Books will help Dad safely navigate those confusing first years.

Change table organizer - This is the best baby gift for new dads who are just getting the hang of diaper changing. With so many limbs to watch and bits of tape to stick, this organizer is a great gift idea for making change time easier. Offering compartments for all the necessary baby-changing supplies, Dad will appreciate all the help he can get!

Jogging stroller - If Dad’s the active type or gained a few “sympathy pounds” during the pregnancy, this jogging stroller is the perfect gift! Its ergonomic design and sharp styling let Dad take junior along for his workout. The lightweight, easy-to-maneuver design makes it a great baby gift for dads on the go.

Good Dad/Bad Dad: The Dos and Don’ts of Fatherhood - Right about now, he’s probably wishing that his little bundle of joy came with an instruction manual – this gift is the next best thing! A humorous look at the ins and outs and ups and downs of fatherhood, this book is easy for Dad to understand and reassures him that there are other clueless dads out there too.

Baby camera and digital monitor - Technology can make the confusing world of parenting a little less daunting. These high-quality monitors are popular baby shower gifts, that let Dad and Mom keep an eye on Baby at all times, even in the dark. The smart technology of this monitor makes it a comforting baby gift for new parents.

Personalized Bridgestone golf balls - Sometimes Dad needs a bit of a break from his noisy newborn. Take him out for a day on the links and let him swing away at these personalized golf balls. Or, why not hand them out as birth announcements? They’re a healthy alternative to cigars!

New dads often feel a little insecure in their parenting skills. It’s a complicated new world for them, so be available to help the new dad in your life find his way through complicated diaper changes and messy baby food. Your good advice may be the best and most welcomed gift he could possibly receive!

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