Our Favorite Gifts For Him, Just Because

Special surprises to show him how much you care

Maybe he's done something particularly thoughtful lately or you just want to remind him that he's your favorite dad. Whatever your cause for celebration, a surprise gift for Dad is a sweet gesture that he'll really appreciate. Your great gift ideas don't have to be saved for the holidays or a special occasion - if you see the perfect gift for him in the mall, why not give it to him that day? Your spontaneity will make the gift even more special. Need some other creative gift ideas? Read on:

Guitar Hero II - The original version of this game flew off the shelves and now Guitar Hero is back and better than ever. Dad will love rocking out to his favorite tunes and feeling like a real star. Available on PS2 and Xbox, this is a great gift for dads who always dreamt of a life on the stage.

Pedometer - If Dad’s a fitness nut, a high-quality pedometer is a great gift. We like that this model keeps a seven-day history of Dad’s workout and is accurate whether it’s in his pocket, around his neck or in his briefcase!

Waterproof mp3 player - If Dad likes to swim or surf, this mp3 player is a great gift for birthdays or Valentine's day! Now Dad can enjoy his favorite tunes while he does laps in the pool or hangs 10. He’ll be impressed with the high-quality sound the waterproof earphones produce and will enjoy his workout even more!

BBQ pizza maker - Help the king of the grill take his game to a whole new level. This pizza stone is a great gift idea for dads who like to bring a touch of the gourmet to their barbecues. The pizza stone sits on the gas grill and works like a real wood-fired oven to produce flaky, airy pizza crusts every time.

Gourmet beef jerky - If Dad’s the kind of guy who enjoys a truly manly snack, this delicious jerky is a perfect gift – tasty for him and good to the environment! Made the old-fashioned way from the finest organic beef, this tasty treat is sure to make Dad’s mouth water. It may not be a big gift, but it’s one Dad will really appreciate.

Cotton candy maker - Bring out Dad’s inner child! A cotton candy maker is something the whole family can enjoy and is much more fun than all the other appliances taking up counter space. We like the nostalgic design of this model and the two tasty flavors of floss you and Dad can make!

An unexpected gift shows Dad that he's on your mind even when you're going about a normal day. Knowing the gift is a gesture from the heart, and not one brought on by holiday guilt, will mean a lot to him.

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