Our Favorite Birthday Gifts For Dad

Gift ideas to guarantee a happy birthday

Dad's birthday is another great reason to celebrate your favorite guy! Make the day fun for everyone with gifts for Dad that the whole family can enjoy - try tickets to an amusement park, a day at the batting cages or maybe something even more adventurous like whitewater rafting! We've assembled a list of some of our favorite birthday gifts to get you started:

Speck NN2ACTIVEARM - This is a great gift for dads who like to keep fit. Dad slips his iPod into this breathable mesh strap to keep it snug and secure while he’s out for a jog. Now he can listen to his favorite tunes while he exercises, rather than the sounds of traffic around him! This comfortable design features reflective material to make Dad more visible while he exercises.

Sunforce folding solar panel - If Dad loves the great outdoors but wants to stay connected, this is the gift for him! This great birthday gift for Dad lets him harness the power of the sun to charge everything from his cell phone and PDA to his boat and ATV batteries. Now, even when he’s in the middle of nowhere, he can stay linked in.

Multi-function Swiss Army knife - This birthday gift does it all – literally! A good quality Swiss Army knife is a handy tool to have, but this one takes the cake. Featuring everything from a compass to a magnifying glass, plus a wrench, tweezers, self-sharpening scissors, the standard blades and much, much more, this is a gift Dad is sure to love.

Subscription to Men's Health - Take care of his mind and body with this great gift for Dad. Men's Health magazine offers a wide variety of informative articles to encourage Dad's healthy lifestyle. A magazine subscription is a gift Dad can enjoy all year long for any occasion.

Hiking boots - If your dad enjoys the great outdoors, he'll want to keep his feet warm and dry. These hiking boots are a great gift idea for nature dads who love exploring. We like that these boots are durable but not hefty, and they look great too!

Cooler bag radio - When the family is camping or enjoying a day at the beach, Dad will really appreciate this creative gift idea. The insulated, waterproof bag keeps drinks and snacks cool while the speakers play his favorite radio station. He can even attach his CD or mp3 player for a customized playlist!

Paintball kit - Bring out the kid in Dad with a paintball starter kit. This collection has everything he'll need to become a lean, mean paint-slinging machine. We like the double trigger on this model that allows for faster firing.

When you're planning Dad's birthday celebration, don't forget the food! They say the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so take Dad to his favorite steakhouse or cook him up a personalized feast at home. And don't forget to top it all off with his favorite dessert.

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