Gift Ideas For Other Occasions

Great gifts for Dad on important days

Father's Day is a notoriously difficult time to come up with gift ideas, but there are other occasions when choosing gifts for Dad can be just as tricky. Whether it's his birthday, Valentine's Day or you just want to give him something to tell him he's special on any old day, we can help! And don't forget; new dads also appreciate gifts that can help them navigate the world of nappies and nightlights!

Finding inspiration

When you're looking for gifts for him, it helps to keep the occasion in mind. What you get Dad for his 40th birthday will probably be different than what you would get him for Valentine's Day. First, try to determine how special the day is - there's nothing wrong with giving him a blow-out gift as a surprise, but you might want to save your gift-giving funds for a more important occasion.

Dad's hobbies can give you great inspiration for gift ideas. How does he usually spend his Saturdays? Whether it's working on his car, tossing a ball around with the kids, taking in an art exhibit or just kicking back with a cold one, think about the things he likes to do best and look for inspiration there.

If you're really stuck for gift ideas, talk to people who knew Dad when he was younger. Find out what his favorite toys were as a kid or what he wanted to be when he grew up, and choose a gift that will remind him of his childhood. Get him a new sweatshirt from his alma mater or look on eBay for his favorite action figures. Gifts that reflect Dad's past will mean a lot to him. We guarantee he'll be impressed.

Wrap it up

Moms are usually the ones who will appreciate an elaborate wrapping job, but you can get creative wrapping your gifts for Dad too. Fill an empty cigar box with smaller gifts for him or use a chamois to wrap up a car care pack. Put gift certificates in a nice wallet or use the new watch you got him to secure a rolled up magazine. The little bit of added effort will make your gifts for him even more meaningful.

Whatever gift you choose to get Dad, make sure it has a personal touch. Putting some time into choosing his gift will show Dad just how much you care.

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