Gifts For The Traveler

Travel gifts for the jet-setting dad

Whether he's a car lover away on road trips or an executive busy with business trips, Dad is sure to appreciate thoughtful Father's Day gifts that make his travels a bit more comfortable. If he's got the traveling bug, why not organize an impromptu mini-trip for Father's Day? Get the family in the car and visit the tourist attractions in your state. Learn more about the place you live while spending time with the family. If you're looking for travel gifts for Dad, we've got a great list to get you started:

Gifts up to $20

  • Electronic games - Kids aren't the only ones who get bored on long flights. Handheld electronic games are great gifts for dads who have long waits in airports or on flights. Look for a game that reflects Dad's personality - you can find poker, trivia and logic games, as well as old school video games, on these handheld devices.
  • Airplane toiletries set - After a long flight, Dad will want to freshen up quickly before facing the world. Put together a collection of handy airplane toiletries in a nice looking case. This practical Father's Day gift can include things like toothpaste, mouthwash, face wash, deodorant, eyedrops, pain killers and a comb. Dad will appreciate having the kit handy after a tiring flight. This freshen-up combo is also a smart Father's Day gift for Metrosexual Dads.

Gifts up to $50

  • Global clock - World clocks make perfect gifts for dads who need to conduct business in other countries while they're traveling. No matter where he is, Dad can easily determine the time in any country. He'll know the best times to call in for a business meeting or call home to check on the family.
  • Voltage transformer - Different countries run on different power supplies. If Dad takes his PDA, laptop or other electronic devices with him when he travels, he'll need a voltage converter to power his gadgets. Look for models that will work in the countries Dad visits most often.
  • Electronic language translator - A great gift for dads who don't speak other languages, these handy devices help him translate simple words and phrases, making it easier to communicate in other countries. Many models offer pronunciation tips too.

Gifts up to $100

  • 2 GB digital memory card - If Dad's got a digital camera, this Father's Day gift will let him store more photos of his trips. Now he won't have to worry about deleting photos before he gets home. He can take as many snaps as he wants, worry-free.
  • Convertible pants - For rugged outdoor adventure loving dads, convertible pants are a smart travel gift. Dad can zip off the lower part of the pant leg to make shorts, reducing the amount of clothing he has to pack and keeping him comfortable on any terrain. Look for wrinkle resistant, quick-dry fabrics.

Gifts up to $200

  • Handheld DVD player - Let's face it; most of the time, the movies on planes just stink. With a portable DVD player, Dad can choose his own entertainment for the flight. This is a popular travel gift that the kids will certainly want to borrow!
  • Underwater camera - There are a lot of fascinating things to see in the underwater world. Underwater cameras make a great Father's Day gift because they let Dad capture beautiful shots at the beach or out fishing, without the worry of damaging his camera.

If your dad is a jet setter, on Father's Day, start a family travel journal. Plan to go somewhere each Father's Day, whether it's a short trip to a neighboring state or a longer adventure along the coast. Keep track of the things you see and do as a family - it'll make a great keepsake for Dad to look back on each year. Or keep Dad's family close when he travels by putting together a photo album of family snaps that will fit easily in his suitcase.

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