Gifts For The Sports Fan

Sports gifts for your favorite fanatic

Can Dad recite on command a detailed account of every game his favorite team has played since the early 70s? Does he have a standing Sunday afternoon date with ESPN? Find great sports gifts for Dad by looking for licensed products with his favorite team's logo. You can find sports logos on everything from sweatshirts to seat covers - and Dad's sure to love all of them. Want a real grand slam Father's Day gift for Dad? Check out some of our sporty ideas below:

Gifts up to $20

  • Subscription to his favorite sports magazine - Keep Dad up-to-date on the stats and trades all year long. Magazine subscriptions are very affordable and give Dad something to look forward to each month.
  • Handheld sports trivia game - Dad will be ready for trivia night at his favorite sports bar after a few hours with this gadget. Trivia games are a great gift for dads who think they know everything there is to know about their favorite teams.

Gifts up to $50

  • Sports team cufflinks - Dad can show his team spirit at any occasion with team logo cufflinks. This Father's Day gift is perfect for dads who like to have a little fun when they get dressed up. His friends who get stuck with plain cufflinks will be eyeing them enviously.
  • Seat cushions with drink storage - The one downside of watching a game in a stadium? The overpriced drinks! Now Dad can fill this comfy seat cushion with his favorite beverage and use the discrete hose and nozzle to top up his drinks. These seat cushions are an ingenious sports gift for any fanatic father.
  • Radio coolers - A great accessory for tailgating or watching the kids' baseball game, these creative coolers use AA batteries to power an AM / FM radio. Dad can even hook in his mp3 player to customize the day's tunes. Waterproof speakers mean the ice that keeps your drinks cold won't wreck the electronics. These coolers make a perfect Father' Day gift for guys who love the outdoors too.

Gifts up to $100

  • Customized jersey - Every real sports fan has to have one. A customized jersey featuring his team's logo and stitched with his own name is the ultimate sports gift! Be sure to order this Father's Day gift well in advance to allow time for customization.
  • Color handheld TV - If Dad just can't bear the thought of missing a game, this sports gift is a must. Small handheld TVs let Dad catch the game no matter where he is. These portable sets are also great Father's Day gifts for dads who love to travel.

Gifts up to $200

  • Air hockey table - Bring the face off action right to Dad's rec room! An air hockey table is something the whole family can enjoy and is a great way to spend time with Dad. Puffs of air from the table's punctured surface float the puck as Dad and his opponent use mallets to score in each other's nets.
  • Tailgating grill - The ideal Father's Day gift for any dad who loves grilling and the gridiron! These incredibly handy propane-powered grills attach to a trailer hitch to make for easy hauling.

One of the best ways to bond with Dad on Father's Day is to go see a game together. Even if you're up in the nosebleed seats, you'll have a great time yelling at the officials and critiquing the players' skills. Place a friendly wager on what the final score will be or which player should be the game MVP. Loser buys lunch!

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