Gifts For The Sci-Fi Fan

Out of this world Father's Day gifts

Whether it's Star Trek, Star Wars or Stargate, there's something about life beyond Earth that really fascinates some dads. If yours is a science fiction fan, we've found some gifts to help you out. For a fun Father's Day idea, take Dad to a local sci-fi convention and bond over your mutual respect for Sith and Klingon life forms. Or try some of these out-of-this-world ideas:

Gifts up to $20

  • Hamlet in Klingon - And you didn't think it was possible to make this classic any better! For a one-of-a-kind Father's Day gift, pick up a copy of Hamlet in Klingon. The book comes with a side-by-side Klingon to English translation to help Dad follow along.
  • Paintable figurine - Complete Dad's collection by giving him a do-it-yourself figurine kit. He'll be proud to showcase this gift in his display cabinet. For a fun Father's Day idea, get a kit for yourself and work on them together.

Gifts up to $50

  • Action figures - Serious collectors have a specific wishlist, so take a look at Dad's set and then hit up a comic book store for help picking the perfect figure. Make sure to protect your Father's Day gift on the way home - boxes that are kept in pristine condition are more valuable.
  • Warhammer rule book - Sure it may be more fantasy than sci-fi, but it's still a cool Father's Day gift! Get Dad hooked on one of the hottest role playing games out there. Start him off with a rule book and let him use your campaign markers. Challenge his battalion to a showdown after he's had a chance to learn the rules.
  • Darth Vader voice modulator - Expect to see Dad using this fun Father's Day gift when he's answering the phone. A Darth Vader voice modulator makes Dad's voice sound like his favorite science fiction villain. This is also a fun Father's Day gift for Gadget guys.

Gifts up to $100

  • Star Wars chess set - A love for science fiction seems to go hand-in-hand with mad chess playing skills. A Star Wars chess set is a great gift for a sci-fi dad. Look for sets that incorporate characters from the original or the new trilogy.
  • Interactive Star Wars Light Saber game - Get Dad's light saber skills into peak performance with this training game! Dad battles an image on screen while a wireless spheroid training droid tracks his moves and reports them to the game. Inviting a bunch of Dad's friends over to give the game a whirl is a great Father's Day idea. This interactive adventure is also a fantastic gift for gamer guys.

Gifts up to $200

  • Voice activated R2D2 - He's everyone's favorite droid and now he can serve in your home too! These voice activated robots respond to 40 different commands and even know how to play tag.
  • Uniform - It's the ultimate in science fiction fan gifting. This Father's Day, give Dad his very own uniform from his favorite universe. Look online for licensed uniforms or buy a pattern and hire a seamstress to custom-make Dad's suit.

Share Dad's love of sci-fi worlds on Father's Day. Have an all-day Star Wars marathon or just watch a few episodes featuring his favorite Trekkie captain. Deciding who was the better captain, Picard or Kirk, during a formal debate party is another fun Father's Day idea.

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