Gifts For The Outdoors Guy

Father's Day gifts that help Dad become one with nature

There's something about the great outdoors that just calls to dads. Whether they're out for an invigorating hike, trying to catch a trophy fish or sleeping under the stars on a weekend camping trip, they just love being outside. This Father's Day, spend some quality time with Dad enjoying all Mother Nature has to offer. Pack a lunch and go for a walk in a national park, or get in the canoe and plan to catch your supper. We've got perfect Father's Day gift ideas for the guy you just can't keep indoors:

Gifts up to $20

  • Dehydrated meals - Compact, dehydrated meals are tasty gifts for dads who love the outdoors but hate cooking. Available in a variety of flavors, Dad just adds boiling water to rehydrate these delicious entrées.
  • Sonic mosquito repeller - Now Dad doesn't have to smell gross to keep the bugs away! This handy gift idea emits a pitch too high for humans to hear that mimics the sound of a mosquito's number one predator. The bugs stay away from the sound to avoid being eaten. These repellers make a perfect Father's Day gift for boaters too.

Gifts up to $50

  • Rechargeable camp lantern - Every camp needs a good quality lantern. Look for models that use rechargeable batteries to avoid dangerous kerosene or camp fuel flames. These Father's Day gifts can also be safely brought inside the tent to add some illumination.
  • Crank radio - Give Dad the gift of music while he's enjoying a power-free camping trip. A great gift for dads who like to be prepared incase of emergency, these little radios are powered by a flip-out crank that Dad winds to run the battery.

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