Gifts For The Motorcyclist

Motorcycle gifts that will drive Dad hog-wild

Being a father doesn't mean Dad has lost his inner wild child. Motorcycle dads hear the road calling and just can't say no. When you're looking for motorcycle gifts for Dad, be sure you choose options that match his style of ride. Accessories for a racing bike will look odd strapped to a massive cruiser!

If you're looking for inexpensive Father's Day ideas, why not spend some of the day detailing Dad's bike? Wash and wax it to a gleaming shine, and don't forget the chrome polish. If Dad's really protective of his bike, get him to give you a lesson on how the engine works or just ask him to take you for a ride. Whatever style of bike Dad rides, we've got great Father's Day gifts he's sure to appreciate:

Gifts up to $20

  • Saddle bag organizer - Riding around sharp corners and bumpy roads will really jostle the contents of Dad's saddle bags. An organizer is a great gift for dads who carry a lot in their bags, as it will keep the cargo from bouncing around and getting damaged.
  • Microfiber towels - Dad's ride looks best when it's gleaming in the sun after a fresh wash and wax. Microfiber towels are gentle on the bike's paint job and won't leave smears or scratches. These detailing towels are also a smart gift for car loving dads who like to give their rides a high-polish shine.

Gifts up to $50

  • Neoprene biker mask - These face masks help protect Dad's face from the wind and cold during chilly rides. The breathable, waterproof fabric is comfortable to wear and is very durable. Look for this Father's Day gift in solid colors or cool patterns like camouflage, stars and stripes or skull faces.
  • Racing gloves - Motorcycle gloves are different than standard winter handwear. They're made of very durable material that won't tear if Dad takes a spill off his bike. You'll be able to find this motorcycle gift in colors and materials that match the rest of Dad's biking gear.
  • Perforated rider's wallet - These wallets are designed specifically for bikers. The perforated material allows air to pass through, keeping Dad's keister cooler during long rides. The holes also give the wallet added traction, to keep it securely in Dad's pocket during the ride. A perforated wallet is also a handy Father's Day gift for traveling Dads who do a lot of walking on their trips.

Gifts up to $100

  • Touring trunk - When Dad's out for a long ride, he might want to bring along some water, a change of clothes, some maps and even tools for emergency repairs. A touring trunk attaches to the back of Dad's bike to give him storage space. Look for designs that match the style of his bike and are guaranteed to fasten securely.
  • Sonic disc lock - Every year, tens of thousands of bikes are stolen from garages and parking lots, but one of these alarms will protect Dad's ride from would-be thieves. The lock covers the brake disc so that when the alarm is armed, any sudden jerk or jostle sets off a piercingly high-decibel alarm. The sonic disc lock is a Father's Day gift Dad is sure to appreciate.

Gifts up to $200

  • Suit rack - Mom likes her closet space and gets pretty annoyed with Dad when he tries to hang up his sweaty riding suit near her designer dresses. A suit rack offers Dad instant storage for his suit, helmet, boots and gloves.
  • Motorcycle helmet - Wearing a helmet isn't law in every state but any smart rider knows enough to put one on. You can find this Father's Day gift with amazing graphics and paint jobs to match Dad's bike or to meet his personal tastes.

This Father's Day, spend some time with Dad at the bike races or take in another type of motorsport race. Go for a cruise along the highway together and stop along the route to treat Dad to lunch.

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