Gifts For The Metrosexual

Keep your hipster Dad looking his sharpest

The Rat Pack introduced its own breed of fashion forward men, but the last few decades have seen a decline in guys who embrace the finer things in life. If Dad's always on the cutting edge of fashion and invests in treatments and products to keep his appearance polished, he's probably a metrosexual man. Many retailers are catering to the man who takes an interest in esthetics, and we've got the perfect Father's Day ideas to meet Dad's urban style:

Gifts up to $20

  • Straight razor shave - You only really see straight razor shaves in the old movies now, but many salons and barbershops still offer them. Aside from looking incredibly cool, shaving with a straight razor is hands down the closest trim a man can get - even closer than a $200 electric razor. For a cool Father's Day idea, Dad and Son can get a straight razor shave together.
  • Money clip - George Costanza of Seinfeld fame proved just how unwieldy a man's wallet can get. Money clips are great gifts for dads who like to avoid bulky pocket lines. These sleek designs limit Dad to just carrying his license, credit card and a stack of greenbacks. Money clips are great Father's Day ideas for businessmen too.

Gifts up to $50

  • Personalized cuff links - If Dad likes a tailored look, his outfit won't be complete without a pair of cufflinks. Look for designs that complement Dad's personal style or order a monogrammed pair with his initials. You can even find sports-themed designs which will appeal to sports fan dads.
  • Man icure - Sometimes a guy has just got to look his finest. Put the "man" back in manicure by treating Dad to this relaxing Father's Day gift. Look for salons that specialize in manicures for men - they'll shape his nails, give him a relaxing hand and arm massage and send him back into the world.

Gifts up to $100

  • Custom-tailored shirt - Buying off the rack shirts is not the metrosexual man's style. This gift for Dad will guarantee he gets the perfect fit. A tailor will take Dad's measurements and let him choose patterns, material and collar styles that suit his individual taste. A tailored shirt makes a one-of-a-kind gift for dads on the cutting edge of fashion.
  • Shoe polishing kit - A metrosexual man has to look good from the top of his head to the tips of his shoes. Give Dad the equipment and products he'll need to buff his kicks to a high polish shine. As an added Father's Day gift, polish his shoes the first time yourself.
  • Cashmere scarf - Cashmere is the ultimate in luxury fabric. A full cashmere sweater would make a pretty expensive gift for Dad, but a high quality scarf will be more wallet-friendly.

Gifts up to $200

  • Designer watch - Any dad will love a fashionable timepiece. If you're looking for a stylish Father's Day idea, look at designs from Nixon, ESQ and Fossil. Metrosexual men usually own a few watches, so look for one that deviates a bit from what he has in his collection.
  • Titanium jewelry - The average metrosexual guy likes a bit of flash, but it's still got to look manly. Titanium jewelry offers just those qualities. This matte metal is very trendy but is also dent and scratch resistant - a popular choice for dads who are focused on style and quality.

This Father's Day, look for hip styles and high quality pieces that you know your metrosexual dad will love. These guys like to get out and enjoy some culture, so hit an art gallery together and learn about different painters or go out for a nice dinner and have him teach you about wine appreciation. Spending time together is a Father's Day gift any metrosexual dad will enjoy.

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