Gifts For The History Buff

Make history with these fantastic Father's Day gifts

Sometimes you've just got to wonder if there's anything Dad doesn't know about WWII or Julius Caesar. There's something about history that draws dads in like frat boys at a bikini contest. If you're looking for Father's Day ideas for your history buff dad, why not visit a historic battle site or take a tour of your own city and learn about its past? You'll get to hang out with Dad and learn new things at the same time. For more ideas, check out our list of Father's Day gifts for the history buff:

Gifts up to $20

  • Family tree software - Extend Dad's love of history to his own family. Many companies offer family tree software that he can use to record the family's genealogy. A family tree is a great Father's Day idea because it encourages Dad to reconnect with his family members.
  • Maps - We're not talking about directions to the grocery store. Historical maps show how countries' boundaries have changed as the result of wars and political conflicts. These Father's Day gifts make great wall art too.
  • Subscription to National Geographic - National Geographic is a great magazine for history buffs. This monthly publication will let Dad go on adventures around the world and back through time without ever leaving the sofa.

Gifts up to $50

  • Research your family name - History buffs love learning how their family fits into world history. You can hire companies to research your family name and find out which historical figures you might be tied to. This Father's Day gift will be of interest to the whole family, as you'll learn about their place in history.
  • Biography of a historical figure - Most history buffs have a wide collection of books, but check through Dad's stacks and see if he's missing a biography or two. Look for books about war generals, emperors, gangsters or any other figure who had a major role in shaping history. Good quality books are also popular Father's Day gifts for cigar lovers to add to their lounges.

Gifts up to $100

  • DVD sets - Again, most history buffs will have a pretty extensive movie collection, but there may be a few titles missing. Look for boxed sets of a favorite TV miniseries or a classic that focuses on a certain time period like ancient Egypt, Roman empires or even the Wild West. For a family-friendly Father's Day idea,sit down and watch a few of the DVDs together.
  • Historic models - Replicas of historical artifacts make a great gift for Dad. Buy a kit that he can put together himself or find a high-quality replica in a specialty store. Models of the Titanic, war planes, Egyptian artifacts and history-making inventions are all popular choices.

Gifts up to $200

  • Leather flight jacket - A leather bomber jacket makes a great gift for a dad who is into war history and historic planes. Look in army surplus stores for an authentic style or check at a leather store for similar designs. Leather bomber jackets are also great Father's Day gifts for sports fans - the jackets help keep them warm on the bleachers!
  • Bookcase - We mentioned that most history buffs have a large library, so give him room to expand with a good-quality bookcase. Curio cabinets also make a nice gift for dads who collect models and replicas.

Spend Father's Day learning more about history with Dad - go for a ghost walk or attend a battle reenactment. After your busy day, have a historic Father's Day dinner at Medieval Times or cook him a feast for a king yourself!

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