Gifts For The Handyman

Give your dad the tools of the trade this Father's Day

Most handyman dads have a fairly extensive tool collection, but there are lots of neat gadgets you can add to make his work around the house easier. On Father's Day, don't forget to give Dad a day off from the household duties - take care of his chore list yourself and when he's back into the thick of home repairs, keep him company and learn a thing or two about fixing things. Most handymen are also sports fans, so don't forget to look at our selection of sporting gifts too!

Gifts up to $20

  • Voice recording tape measure - This handy Father's Day gift is a great way to remember measurements. Dad uses the tape to determine the length, then presses record and speaks the measurement into the tool. It's a quick, one-handed way for Dad to keep his measurements straight.
  • Carpenter's apron - Most handymen have a carpenter's apron, but it's probably the same one they had since their first shop class! A sturdy new apron is a great gift for Dads who like to keep all their tools in arm's reach when they're working.

Gifts up to $50

  • Cold heat soldering tool - Safety first! This smart Father's Day gift heats instantly to meld metals together, then cools immediately making it safe to touch. Battery-operated designs mean Dad won't get tangled while he works.
  • Laser level - These ingenious devices take the guess work out of hanging decorations on your walls! Laser levels are great gifts for dads who are meticulous in their measurements. The laser beam helps Dad ensure all the family photos are hung at the same height or along the same axis. Laser levels are a nifty tool for any dad and are a popular Father's Day gift for gadget guys too.
  • Solar-powered shed light - It's a pain to run electricity to a building separate from your home. With this creative Father's Day gift, Dad can shed some illumination on dark workspaces. The solar panel attaches to the shed's roof and powers a light bulb inside the building.

Gifts up to $100

  • Workbench - Nothing beats a sturdy work bench. Dad needs a reliable surface to prop things up while he's hammering and sawing. Look for designs that fold flat against the wall when not in use.
  • Portable air compressors - This is one of those tools that Dad needs but doesn't think to buy. Portable air compressors can be used to inflate everything from tires to kiddie pools and basketballs. An air compressor is also a smart Father's Day gift for lovers of the great outdoors, since it's the perfect tool for inflating camping mattresses.

Gifts up to $200

  • Pressure washer - Soap and bucket hand-washing works, but sometimes Dad needs to bring out the big guns to clean up large, grimy spaces. A pressure washer pounds out water to blast away dirt from driveways, house siding and boats. This is a smart Father's Day gift for car buffs who can use the high power spray to clean wheel rims and use a lighter water pressure on the car's body.
  • Garage vacuum - These wet / dry vacuums are great gifts for dads who like to keep their workspaces neat and clean. The heavy duty designs don't use bags and have powerful suction to clean up the heaviest messes. Don't forget to offer to clean the garage as part of your gift!

There's a lot you can learn from a handyman dad. Ask him questions when he's repairing something to find out how it works. Someday you'll need to do the same repairs on your own home! On Father's Day, don't forget to give your handy man a well-deserved day off - clean up his workshop as a gesture of thanks.

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