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Great Father's Day gifts for your gaming guy

Does Dad have the most well-muscled thumbs in your neighborhood? Do you have to fight him for TV time? Even the most grown up dads still like to release their inner child during some quality time with their favorite gaming system. Challenge Dad to an all-day tourney using your own home theater system, or hit an arcade together and show each other some patented moves. New gaming technology also makes great Father's Day gifts for Gadget guys. Check out our great gaming gift ideas below:

Gifts up to $20

  • NFL licensed controller for PS2 - If you're going to game, you'd better do it right! This fabulous Father's Day gift takes sports fan gamers to the next level. A licensed controller featuring his favorite NFL team is a gift Dad will really appreciate when he's deep in the gridiron action.
  • Retro video games - Give Dad a pixilated flashback with retro video games adapted for his current gaming system. Classics like Pac-Man , Super Mario Bros ., Donkey Kong and Tetris are all available on today's gaming systems. These games are great Father's Day gifts for modern history buffs!

Gifts up to $50

  • Madden NFL for PS2 - This Father's Day, let Dad experience the evolution of video games with the latest installment of Madden NFL. Versions of Madden football have been around since 1989, and each year the game gets better. Depending on its release date, Madden NFL 08 could be a great gift idea for gaming Dads who have to own the latest versions.
  • Xbox Live headset and microphone - This Father's Day gift lets Dad connect with gamers all over the world, or simply with his best buddy a few streets away.
  • Wireless Xbox controller - Wired controllers are awkward and look messy. Dad will love the freedom he has with a wireless controller, especially if he's the type who thinks yanking the controller will improve play!

Gifts up to $100

  • Update his graphics card - An updated graphics card is a perfect gift for dads who prefer computer games over television gaming systems. Dad will love how crisp his games look with updated hardware.
  • Wheel for driving games - This Father's Day gift will help Dad get into the action of his favorite racing and driving games. He'll feel like he's really driving with a steering wheel controller plugged into the game. Look for designs with gear shifters and vibration for an even more authentic experience.

Gifts up to $200

  • Gaming chair - The ultimate gaming gift for Dad, these chairs have built-in speakers that pound the sound all around! The vibrations from the subwoofer let Dad feel like he's right in the game. These great gift ideas are available in wireless models to keep the gaming area tidy, and are also very comfortable to sit in.
  • Home theater speakers - A Father's Day gift the whole family can enjoy, home theater speakers offer great surround sound quality. Not just for gaming, new speakers will make family movie night more enjoyable too!

This Father's Day, enjoy some family bonding over the game system. Buy games the whole family can enjoy like Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution. After you work up a sweat playing these sweet games, go out for a pizza dinner or relax with a movie.

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