Gifts For The Gadget Guy

Great gizmos for your favorite father

Nifty new gadgets are launched every day and they make great gifts for dads who have a naturally inquisitive streak. Gadgets are constantly being updated, usually by making them iPod compatible, adding an LED light or going wireless. Look for gadget ideas that make Dad's life a little easier or that are just cool to use. Metrosexual men also love gadget gifts and usually have a few hip gizmos with them at all times. Here's a few ideas to get you started on your hunt for the latest gizmo gift:

Gifts up to $20

  • USB port beverage chillers and warmers - The line of USB compatible gadgets is ever-expanding. A USB beverage chiller or warmer is a great gift for Dads stuck behind a desk all day. Keep his coffee hot or his soda cold with these nifty gadgets.
  • Gravity-defying pen - He'll feel like an astronaut using this pen - and he should! Developed using NASA technology, this pen is guaranteed to write upside down and sideways, providing a constant flow of ink to the tip. These pens make great Father's Day gifts for businessmen dads too.

Gifts up to $50

  • Remote control key locator - This is a smart gift for dads who are prone to losing everything from keys to cell phones. The locator tags clip on to the frequently lost items and emit a signal to the locator box. Push the corresponding button on the box and the tag beeps to let you know where it is.
  • Key chain digital picture viewers - For proud papas, a digital picture viewer for his keychain makes a perfect Father's Day gift. Many of these gadgets hold more than 50 images, letting Dad show off his favorite snaps to anyone who'll stand still and look.
  • Headphone earmuffs - These toasty ear warmers are an ideal Father's Day gift for dads who love to rock out, even in the cold weather. Small but powerful speakers in the pads of the earmuffs keep Dad's ears warm while he enjoys his favorite tunes.

Gifts up to $100

  • Digital picture frames - Dad's only got so much desk space, so it's hard for him to show off all the family photos. A digital picture frame for his desk is a Father's Day gift he can enjoy all day long.
  • iPod Shuffle - Everybody's got one and now iPod is making them as small as a book of matches! The iPod shuffle holds 1GB of Dad's favorite music and is a perfect Father's Day gift for music and gadget lovers alike. These ultra-tiny players weigh half an ounce and clip onto clothing for easy portability.

Gifts up to $200

  • Internet-compatible watches - The latest in timepiece gadgetry, Internet-compatible watches connect wirelessly to the web and display customized info like weather forecasts, sports scores, stock reports…even the time! This super cool watch is a handy Father's Day gift for traveler dads because it adjusts the hour automatically as they cross time zones.
  • Remote control reconnaissance planes - This Father's Day, indulge Dad's inner spy with a remote control reconnaissance plane. These high-flying devices take digital aerial photos of your house, the neighbor's yard or any other covert operation checkpoints Dad wants to know about.

Everyone can appreciate a good gadget. If you're technologically-savvy, show Dad how his new gizmo works and be available for tech support if he needs it. Offer him a full day of trouble-shooting and program any electronics that give him problems, like the coffee maker, DVD player and stereo.

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