Gifts For The Couch Potato

Fathers Day gifts for the king of the couch

All week, Dad works hard to bring home the bacon - so in the evenings and on weekends, it's hardly surprising that he wants to just kick back and relax. If Dad has worn grooves in the couch that exactly fit his backside, we've got some Father's Day gifts he's sure to appreciate:

Gifts up to $20

  • Universal remote control - Dad's got a lot of remote controls to keep track of: one for the TV, one for the sound system, one for the cable or dish, one for the DVD player - the list is endless! A universal remote is a great gift for dads who are technologically challenged, especially if you do the programming ahead of time. High-tech remotes are popular Father's Day gifts for gadget dads who love the task of programming the functions.
  • TV games - Put Dad's TV knowledge to the test! Look for fun DVD and board games that quiz him about his favorite shows, or home versions of fun game shows. The whole family will enjoy playing along, making this Father's Day idea a great way to reconnect.
  • Snack basket - Lounging on the couch is so much better for Dad when he's got snacks! Put together a Father's Day basket full of all his favorites, like popcorn, beer nuts, chips and dip. The only thing Dad won't like about this gift is having to share!

Gifts up to $50

  • TV show boxed set - No matter how dedicated a couch potato Dad is, he's sure to miss at least one episode of his favorite show. With a boxed set, he can watch episodes whenever he wants, commercial free and without having to wait a week between airings. This is also a great Father's Day gift for businessmen dads who don't get much time with the TV.
  • Voice-activated remote control - For the ultimate in lazy TV watching, this remote control lets Dad change the channel using preprogrammed voice commands. A voice-activated remote control is the perfect gift for dads who want the most relaxing day possible. Dads with arthritic hands will also appreciate this device.

Gifts up to $100

  • Studio audience tickets - For a fantastic Father's Day idea, take Dad to the set of his favorite show. Many TV programs are filmed in front of a live studio audience and anyone can attend the taping. In most cases, the tickets are free, but if you're going to take Dad, make a day of it - order the tickets online, then plan to take him to dinner at his favorite restaurant before the show. And don't forget to shell out for souvenir shirts!
  • Hammock - Even couch potatoes can use some airing out from time to time. Why not get Dad in the swing of things with a hammock? If you don't have two well-spaced trees in your yard to hang the hammock, look for designs that come with a stand. A hammock is also a great gift for dads who love the outdoors.

Gifts up to $200

  • Personal Video Recorder (PVR) - At some point, Dad's got to leave the house, which means he might miss out on his favorite show. A PVR lets him record, fast forward, rewind and pause live TV, guaranteeing he never misses an episode. This handy device is a great gift for dads who love sports and hate missing games.
  • Recliner - Are the springs in Dad's favorite comfy chair starting to poke through? A new recliner is a very thoughtful Father's Day gift. Get Mom involved in the search and let her pick a chair that complements her decor. Go for luxury, with recliners that come with heat, massage and even drink coolers built into the arms of the chair!

This Father's Day, show your couch potato dad how much you care. Want to help him kick the habit? A membership to a gym or a gift certificate for a fun, action-packed activity are both great Father's Day ideas that encourage Dad to get moving!

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