Gifts For The Cigar Aficionado

Cigar gifts for the stogie smoker

Mom might not like it, but Dad's cigars are a part of his image. For some, there's nothing quite as manly or refined as enjoying a fine cigar. They're not a healthy choice, but cigars are usually brought out for celebrations like weddings, graduations or even for a game of cards with the boys. If Dad appreciates a fine stogie once and a while, we've got great cigar gift ideas he's sure to love:

Gifts up to $20

  • Cigar cutter - Dad's probably already got a cigar cutter, but there are many different kinds on the market. As a gift for Dad, put together a collection of a cigar punch, a guillotine cutter and a wedge cutter. That way, Dad will always have the right tool handy for whichever style of cigar he's smoking.
  • Odor neutralizer - Cigars are a treat to enjoy but they sure stink up a room. An odor neutralizer is as much a gift for Mom as it is a gift for Dad. Look for candles or devices that neutralize smoke, rather than sprays that just mask the smell.

Gifts up to $50

  • Cigar ash tray - Cigar ash trays differ from cigarette ash trays because the cigar's model has a small, elevated trough that holds the burning stogie. Cigarette ash trays don't have large enough divots to hold a cigar, which can cause uneven burning.
  • Single malt scotch - Scotch and cigars go together like ham and eggs - one just makes the other taste so much better! For a Father's Day gift that Dad will really enjoy, get him a bottle of his favorite scotch or ask the store to recommend another good brand. This is also a great Father's Day gift for Businessmen dads who will enjoy sharing a fine scotch with their associates.

Gifts up to $100

  • Cigar holder and flask - Looking for a super slick gift for Dad? Metal cigar holders that attach to thin flasks look very sharp and make a great Father's Day gift for metrosexual dads and cigar lovers alike. Don't forget to fill the flask with an appropriate beverage like scotch, bourbon or cognac.
  • Cigar lighter - True, you can get a lighter for a dollar at the gas station, but a good quality cigar lighter is more expensive. For a fancy Father's Day gift, choose a windproof model with a very hot flame. Some lighters even have cigar punches built into the body.

Gifts up to $200

  • Humidor - Cigars are delicate things. They're made from leaves, so it's not surprising that they can dry out quite easily. A humidor keeps Dad's cigars at the right moisture level so the stogies don't dry out and the flavor stays smooth. For a debonair Father's Day gift, look for a sleek wood humidor with a hygrometer to measure moisture.
  • Box of cigars - Price ranges and quality levels of cigars vary greatly. You can get a box of cigars for as little as $30, but they're going to taste horrible. Ask a cigar aficionado to give you advice on a box that's in your price range that will still offer a smooth taste.

On Father's Day, sit down with Dad to watch a cigar lover's movie, like any of the James Bond flicks or Scarface. You can also give him some well-deserved time with the boys to enjoy a cigar at the club or out in the backyard.

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