Gifts For The Chef

Gourmet gifts for the king of cuisine

Does Dad wear the apron in your family? There's nothing like a gourmet meal to guarantee a weekly visit from the kids. On Father's Day, spend quality time hanging out with Dad and have him teach you his favorite recipe. The best way to impress your significant other is with some delectable dining, so ask Dad for some tips! You can encourage Dad's culinary skills with these gourmet gifts:

Gifts up to $20

  • Cookbook stand - There's nothing more frustrating than trying to hold a cookbook open while mixing and adding ingredients. This thoughtful Father's Day gift frees up Dad's hands while he's busy creating.
  • Mortar and pestle - All the professional chefs on TV have one. A mortar and pestle is a small dish with a bashing stick that Dad uses to smash up spices and mix together pastes from different ingredients. This is a gourmet gift every serious chef needs!

Gifts up to $50

  • Sushi set - Help Dad whip up a serious Asian experience with his own sushi set. This Father's Day gift has everything he'll need to make and eat his own sushi. Sushi is a very popular meal in urban centers, making this a perfect Father's Day gift for the metrosexual dad as well.
  • Tabletop wine chiller - Every gourmet knows that a meal isn't complete without the proper wine pairing. These handy Father's Day gifts let Dad chill a bottle of his favorite vintage in a fraction of the time it would take in the fridge. Look for sleek styles to complement Dad's manly tastes.
  • Pu pu platter with mini hibachi - If Dad likes cooking for guests, he'll love the idea of a pu pu platter with its own mini hibachi. The segmented dishes in the tray keep appetizers separate. Guests warm their selections over the hibachi (which is fueled by an alcohol gel) before popping them in their mouths.
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