Gifts For The Car Lover

Father’s Day gifts for a man with hot wheels

Earning a driver’s license is a man’s sanctified rite of passage. No doubt Dad’s first ride meant the world to him and today, he’s still treating his vehicle like a member of the family. Luckily, finding gifts for dads who just can’t get enough of the open road is easy: take your dad on an impromptu road trip on Father’s Day, plan a route to visit a landmark in a nearby state or organize a road rally for Dad and his car buff fans. Or, help Dad answer the call of the road with these great Father’s Day gifts:

Gifts up to $20

  • Driving gloves - Dad can look stylishly cool while tearing up the freeway. Driving gloves give a better grip on the steering wheel and will make him look like a pro. Driving gloves also make a great Father’s Day gift for Metrosexual dads.
  • Book of road trips - Bring Dad back to his glory days with a book of road trip ideas. These guides list major sites to see, how to get there and where to stop along the way. Dads who love to travel will also enjoy visiting the sites in these books.

Gifts up to $50

  • Auto buffer - An automatic car buffer is a great gift for dads who treat their cars like one of their kids. These high speed buffers bring the wax on Dad’s car to a brilliant shine without the elbow grease.
  • Car detailing package - There are two ways you can detail Dad’s car: take it to a professional and have them go over every inch of it, or give Dad the best quality products he needs to do the job right himself. Some dads will appreciate letting a pro take over, others want to handle the job themselves. Decide which option suits dad best.
  • Portable power pack and cables - Any car-loving dad with a sweet stereo or other custom electronics in his car will hesitate over boosting someone else’s car, as bad connections or misplaced cables can damage  electronic systems. A portable power pack with cables is a great gift for Dad that lets him be a good Samaritan without damaging his vehicle. The power pack has the same juice as a car battery and can jump another vehicle without hooking it up to Dad’s own car.

Gifts up to $100

  • iPod FM transmitter - A good vehicle goes to waste without kickin’ tunes. An iPod FM transmitter lets Dad load his iPod with his favorite music then broadcast it to the radio in his car. This iPod add-on is also a great Father’s Day gift for gadget guys.
  • Hands free cell phone kit - Being able to talk on his cell phone hands free helps keep Dad safe on the road. A hands free cell phone kit is a great gift for dads who commute and need to keep in touch with the office.

Gifts up to $200

  • Neon kit - Glowing car kits aren’t just for street racers. If Dad is young at heart and cherishes his tricked out ride, an underglow neon kit will make a great gift. Don’t worry, the kits come with switches to flip off the glow if Dad’s on his way to an important business meeting.
  • Rent an exotic car for a day - Depending on the car you choose, this gift might go over the $200 price range. Give Dad a break from the station wagon by renting him a Hummer, BMW or Mustang for Father’s Day. This is a perfect gift for Dads who can’t stop talking about the sweet ride they had as a teenager.

Car loving dads are usually very protective of their rides, so check with yours before you make any changes to his car. You might think the flame decals look sweet, but they may not be Dad’s speed. Ask Dad to give you a lesson on engine care or the merits of the 67 Mustang. Spending time together learning about his favorite hobby will mean a lot to him.

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