Gifts For The Businessman

Business gifts for dads who bring home the bacon

Dad's a busy guy. He's got meetings to attend, mergers to supervise and presentations to give. But on Father's Day, try to get him to slow down a bit and give him some time to relax. Take him to the batting cages to work off some stress or just park him in a hammock in the backyard for a few hours of relaxation away from his laptop and cell phone. When he's ready to get back to the working world, we've got some Father's Day gifts that will come in handy:

Gifts up to $20

  • Desk toys - If you're looking for a fun gift for Dad, get him some desk toys. Every business guy has them. Desk toys are good for relieving stress and letting Dad's mind wander when he's looking for creative solutions to business problems.
  • Business card case - A good first impression is crucial in the business world. Help Dad impress people at their first meeting with a stylish business card case. Rather than shuffling through his briefcase for a stray card, these sleek designs flip open to keep the cards clean and crease-free. For an added touch, have the case engraved with his initials. Business card cases are also a smart Father's Day gift for Metrosexual dads.
  • Magazine subscription - This Father's Day gift is a smart way to keep Dad up-to-date on business developments around the world. A magazine subscription to a well-known business publication like Forbes, SmartMoney or Inc. will keep him in the loop all year.

Gifts up to $50

  • USB pen drive - When Dad's moving between office, meetings and home, he might not want to lug his laptop around with him. A handy USB storage device is a great gift for dads on the move. This slick design has a pen on one end and a cap on the other that can be removed to give access to a USB memory stick. Dad can store files on his pen for transfer between work and home. These pens make a great Father's Day gift for Gadget dads too.
  • Laser pointer - When Dad wants to look professional at a business presentation, he'll be happy to have a laser pointer on hand. This business gift emits a small, colored dot of light that Dad can direct at different parts of a projection screen to bring attention to figures and charts. Until recently, laser pointers only emitted red light, but now you can find models that offer green or blue light as well.

Gifts up to $100

  • Wireless cell phone headset - Business dads who commute will appreciate the safety advantages of a wireless cell phone headset. With this Father's Day gift, Dad can still talk on his cell phone while his hands are full with his briefcase and laptop, or while he's driving.
  • Image consultation - In the business world, image is everything. A very original gift for Dad, an image consultant will offer him advice on posture, language, style and manners. The consultant's coaching will help Dad develop a polished look to rocket up the corporate ladder.

Gifts up to $200

  • Voice memo recorder - Dad's got a lot of things to keep track of and a voice recorder is a thoughtful business gift to help him stay organized. Instead of jotting down messages on easy-to-lose Post-It notes, Dad can use this Father's Day gift to record short memos to himself to play back later.
  • TiVo - A personal video recorder is an ideal gift for dads who don't get to spend much time at home. The perfect Father's Day gift if he's a sports fan, Dad will appreciate the ability to record his team's games to watch later with the rest of the family.

On Father's Day, it's important to remember that even though your businessman Dad might not be home often, the work he's doing is to support his family. He'd rather be spending time with you, but he wants to be sure you're well provided for - so on Father's Day, take a minute to give Dad a heartfelt thanks for all his hard work.

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