Gifts For The Boater

Great boating gifts for your favorite captain

Boating is a great way for Dad to enjoy a little R & R. Whether you're out fishing, practicing waterskiing or hoisting the sails, the water is a great place to spend some quality time together on Father's Day. Pack a lunch and board the boat for a relaxing day at sea. We've got great boating gifts Dad is sure to enjoy this Father's Day:

Gifts up to $20

  • Waterproof storage boxes - It's a fact of nature: things on a boat get wet. Waterproof storage boxes are a smart boating gift for any dad who spends time on the water. The boxes keep important things like maps and cameras safe and dry, and will float if they happen to fall overboard.
  • Dog life jacket - When the whole family heads out on the water, Fido shouldn't get stuck on land! Dog life jackets are a smart Father's Day idea for dads with dogs who tire easily in the water. Fido will also enjoy how much easier swimming is with this handy jacket.
  • Floating keychain - At some point, every boating dad has watched a set of keys go overboard into the mucky marina water. With this handy Father's Day gift, if Dad's keys happen to go overboard, the keychain releases an inflatable orange flag that pulls Dad's keys to the surface within 30 seconds! A floating keychain also makes a great Father's Day gift for Dads who love the outdoors.

Gifts up to $50

  • Signaling flags - You've probably seen them, but did you know that signal flags are used to send messages back and forth between boats? There's one flag for each letter of the alphabet. For a neat sailing gift, give Dad the appropriate flags to spell out the name of his boat or even "Dad".
  • Polarized sunglasses - Help Dad see deeper into the water with a pair of polarized sunglasses. The tint in the lenses reduces glare on the water, letting Dad see deeper and notice greater distinction of shapes.

Gifts up to $100

  • Depth finder - A depth finder is a helpful boating gift that Dad can use to tell how deep the water is in any given place. Dad can use the depth finder to determine if his boat can move through specific waters or to find good fishing spots. Each species of fish has a specific depth of water it likes to inhabit. With a depth finder, Dad can find spots that are more likely to yield a good catch.
  • Watch with Digital Navigation System (DNS) - When Dad's out sailing the seas, it helps to have good navigational tools. This sailing gift includes a compass with the cardinal points and tells Dad the temperature, which direction he's traveling, the air pressure and can even forecast the weather! This timepiece is also a useful Father's Day gift for traveling Dads.

Gifts up to $200

  • Pontoon boat - This fun boating gift is something the whole family can enjoy! A pontoon boat suspends a seat between two long air bladders. The elevated view lets Dad and his passenger see farther across the water. Paddling around on a pontoon boat is a great Father's Day idea. Look for boats that offer storage pockets and seating for more than one.
  • Marine VHF radio - When it comes to watersports, safety is key. A marine VHF radio is a smart sailing gift that lets Dad communicate with the marina operator and other boats. These waterproof gifts can be submerged in water and will still function. This Father's Day gift is a must for any dad who likes to venture into open water.

Spending the day on the boat with Dad is a great Father's Day idea. Take the whole family and have a fishing derby to see who can catch the most and the biggest fish. Be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen and keep hydrated - being out on the water, it's easy to forget how hot it can get!

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