Gifts For The Barbecue Lover

Great barbecue gifts for your grilling guy

Man, meat and fire. They're three of the most primitive elements and they go a long way toward shaping Dad's psyche. If your dad is king of the grill, he'll have a hard time relinquishing the duties to you, even on his day off. Instead, look for neat Father's Day gifts that he can use to grill up a storm, then bring the whole family together to benefit from Dad's sizzlin' skills. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Gifts up to $20

  • Grill light - The sun has set but the party's still going. How's Dad going to see what he's cooking? These flexible, heat resistant lamps clip onto the cool surface of the barbecue and shed some light on the grill - letting Dad judge "doneness" by sight rather than smell!
  • Wireless grilling thermometer - This gift for Dad will be appreciated by anyone in your family who cooks! Wireless thermometers probe into the center of the meat while it cooks, then emit a thermal reading to the display. Get the perfect shade of pink or brown with this clever Father's Day gift.

Gifts up to $50

  • Steak brander - Want a personalized gift for Dad? Monogram steak branders are the ultimate in barbecue gifts! Dad can impress his diners by searing his initials into steaks, burgers and chops. Order early because customized gifts can take longer to arrive.
  • Barbecue wok - The grill isn't just about beef. Dad can use this handy Father's Day gift to stir-fry veggies and smaller cuts of meat. On summer days, move all of the cooking outdoors to get away from the hot kitchen! This wok makes a great Father's Day gift for Gourmet dads too – they'll love the added cooking surface it offers.
  • Flashlight grill tongs - Here's another handy barbecue gift to light the way for grilling! Flashlight tongs emit a bright LED beam that will give Dad a clear view of what's cooking.

Gifts up to $100

  • Kobe beef - Dad doesn't know beef until he's tried Kobe. Raised in Japan, it's said that Kobe cows are fed only selected grains and beer and receive regular massages to keep them tender. That's why the price per pound is so high. For a truly decadent gift for Dad, look for mail-order companies that will send him a steak or two.
  • Steak knives - A classic, manly Father's Day gift, a good set of steak knives will make slicing a well-grilled steak feel like he's cutting through butter. Your dad's probably still using the same set he got as a wedding present and will appreciate an upgrade!
  • Grilling tool kit - Every artist knows, you're only as good as the tools you use. The ideal barbecue gift for your grill-loving dad is a set of sturdy, well constructed grilling tools. Look for sets that come in convenient carrying cases so Dad can keep track of each piece.

Gifts up to $200

  • Combination smoker and grill - Outdoorsy dads and grill lovers alike both appreciate the fine flavor of a piece of smoked meat. Look for smokers that offer a grilling surface too - Dad can have smoked pork chops in a matter of minutes or let the meat sit longer for delectable smoked salmon or beef jerky.
  • Tailgate barbecue - Grilling guys who enjoy tailgate parties will love these portable barbecues. Look for propane-burning models that attach to Dad's trailer hitch. That way, Dad can haul his stove to the party without getting the back of his vehicle covered in grease and grime.
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