Find the perfect Father's Day gift for your dad

Choosing a gift that shows Dad how much you appreciate him means more than buying the first tie you come across. It seems dads always get the short end of the stick when it comes to gift giving, because, let's face it: sometimes they can be really hard to buy for! But never fear, we've got lots of Father's Day gift ideas to suit any kind of Dad:

Giving great gift certificates

Of all Dad's gifts, the one he gets most often is the gift certificate. There's nothing wrong with these handy gifts for Dad, but it's easy for them to become impersonal. Sure, Dad will appreciate a gift certificate for his favorite hardware store, but if that's what you gave him for his birthday too, it's time to switch up your tactics.

Gift certificates make great gifts for Dads, just be sure you put some thought into them. Is there an activity he's been dying to try like sky diving or whitewater rafting? Has he been thinking about brewing his own beer or taking an interesting course? You can find gift certificates for almost any activity, just think about the things Dad loves doing best.

Fun Father's Day gift ideas

When you're looking for Father's Day gift ideas, why not pick something you two can enjoy together or that you can assemble as a team? Dad's gifts don't have to be fancy or expensive - look for gift ideas that let you hang out with Dad while he's relaxing (like a trip to a ball game or a day at the park) or think of things you can do for him while he snoozes on the couch. A clean garage, washed car or mowed lawn are all great Father's Day gifts that are gentle on your budget.

Get personal

On Father's Day, we tend to choose gifts for Dad that are funny or goofy. It can feel awkward when Dad's gifts are sentimental, especially if he's a burly tough guy. Pick Father's Day gifts that suit Dad's personality, but don't be afraid to tell him how you feel. A heartfelt Father's Day card with a few thoughtful quotes about Dads will mean a lot to him.

When you're looking for Father's Day gifts, put some thought into your purchases. Dad's got enough ties and soap on a rope to last him a lifetime. Listen to him at the dinner table and get an idea of what's going on in his life, what he's interested in and what's challenging him. Then find a gift that suits his situation. An affordable, thoughtful gift will mean more to Dad than an expensive present you just picked off the shelf.

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