Gifts To NEVER Give Dad

Ideas that are sure to be a Father's Day flop

Dads are really good at hiding their disappointment when it comes to lame Father's Day gifts. Many of us don't even bother to put much thought into our gifts for Dad, because we assume that Father's Day doesn't mean that much to him - but trust us, it does! Even though he might not say anything, Dad notices when his Father's Day gifts were obvious last-minute choices. This year, break the habit of bad gift giving by planning ahead and putting some thought into your selection.

We've assembled a list of some of the worst Father's Day gifts you can give. Start by crossing these gifts for Dad off your list and work from there!

  • Ties - When you were five years old and your mom was the one who bought all your gifts for Dad, a tie was acceptable. You probably laughed over the silly pattern or found one that had pictures of your favorite cartoon on it. After a certain age, novelty ties and ties of any sort just become unacceptable. Even if you're getting him a really expensive one, add in a shirt or skip it all together.
  • Soap on a rope - What were we thinking? For some reason, Father's Day became the occasion to give Dad whatever the department store was offering in the 99 cent bin. Dad has strong enough motor skills that he doesn't need to attach his hygiene products to a string - skip this option and go for a nice set of shaving products instead.
  • Mugs, trophies and ribbons that say "#1 Dad" - Sure, Dad is a fine, upstanding man, and yes, you may feel like he's the best dad in the world, but buying a random product that identifies him as such isn't a good reflection of how much you care. Instead, write him a letter that explains why you think he's such a great father, and leave the kitschy awards on the shelf.
  • Self-help paraphernalia - Men prefer to think they're just fine the way they are, so it doesn't matter if you think Dad should spend time getting in touch with his feminine side or learning how to communicate. A self-help book, tape, poster or other motivational product-of-the-week will not go over well - better to let him decide if and how he wants to change.
  • Figurines - Even if it's a very touching statuette of a father with his child cradled in his arms, Dad's not going to dig it. The only figurine Dad will really appreciate is a vintage set of GI Joe army guys with a base command unit.
  • Anything that hangs from his rearview mirror - Even if Dad is a car buff, he's not going to appreciate a random ornament dangling from his rearview mirror. The main reasons we've voted this as a bad gift? It looks cheap and gives the impression that you did your Father's Day shopping at the gas station.

The main lesson behind this list? Put some thought into your Father's Day presents. Dad puts the family's needs and wants ahead of his own, so this Father's Day treat him to something he'll love but wouldn't normally buy for himself. Show him he's worth more than a pine scented air freshener!

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