Gifts From Young Children

Father's Day gifts from the little ones that will make Dad's day

Until the kids are old enough to make their own money, Mom or another adult in the house will have to help fund Dad's gifts. Because this holiday falls close to the end of the school year, you can't even rely on the kids' teachers to help out with a Father's Day craft!

When you're picking Father's Day gifts for Dad, be sure to keep the little ones involved. Ask them if they have any ideas for things they'd like to give Dad or come up with a few suggestions and let them pick from your list. Encourage the kids to save money from their allowances or earn some cash by doing extra chores. The money they contribute will make them feel like the gift is really from them.

Gifts for Dad that kids can create
Moms aren't the only ones who appreciate a homemade gift. We've got some suggestions to get the kids creative juices flowing:
  • Complete a questionnaire about Dad - Create a questionnaire that asks the kids questions about Dad. Where does he work? How old is he? How tall is he? What's his favorite food? What does he like to do for fun? Record their answers on paper or make a home movie of their answers. This keepsake is something Dad will enjoy looking back on years down the road.
  • Chore day - Dad is supposed to take it easy on Father's Day, so for an inexpensive gift for Dad, assign each kid one of Dad's chores - cleaning the garage, washing the car, weeding the garden, any of the things Dad usually does during the weekend. Remember, dangerous activities like mowing the lawn aren't for the little ones.
  • Hand over the remote control - Wrap the remote control in ribbon and give Dad a gift certificate for a week of free channel surfing. Whatever Dad wants to watch, Dad watches, no arguing. Tape your episodes of Gilmore Girls and SpongeBob and let Dad enjoy a full week of baseball, poker or history shows.
  • Give him something sweet - Most dads have a pretty strong sweet tooth. With an adult's help, kids can whip up Dad's favorite cookies, cake or other sweet treat. Package the goodies in a decorated tin for a polished look.
  • Make him a CD - Put together a compilation of Dad's favorite tunes and burn them to a CD. He'll appreciate all the thought that went into making his own personal soundtrack.

If you're looking to help the kids out and fund Dad's gifts, we've got lots of great gift ideas for dads. Whichever Father's Day gift the kids end up choosing, encourage them to put some thought into their decision and come up with something Dad will love.

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