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Father's Day gifts from Dad's special lady

If the man in your life is a dad, Father's Day is a great time to acknowledge all the effort he puts into raising and providing for his family. Treat him to a Father's Day gift that shows how important he is to you and the kids. Whether it's through a thoughtful gesture or a romantic gift, be sure to show your man how much you appreciate everything he does. We've got some creative gift ideas to get you started:

  • Straight razor shave - The art of the straight razor shave has fallen out of popular practice, but many skilled barbers still offer the service. Your guy will love this moment of manly pampering because straight razor shaves cut much closer than any disposable or electric blade. This is a thoughtful Father's Day gift for metrosexuals and burly men alike.
  • Down time -Your man works hard to provide for his family, and finding the time to unwind can be difficult. Offer him a full day of uninterrupted Dad time - let him be lazy and relax in front of the TV all day or send him out for a night on the town with the boys. Better yet, offer to drop them all off and pick them up again, no matter what time they're done.
  • Weekend away - When you're raising a family, it's hard to find time for yourself, but it's even harder to find private time together as a couple. For Father's Day, treat him to a gift certificate for an overnight stay at a hotel or bed and breakfast. Recruit the grandparents or other family members to watch the kids. Remember, men appreciate romantic gifts too!
  • Lingerie - It's true, one of the gifts Dad wants most of all is to see his lady in something slinky. We're not suggesting you buy anything too scandalous for your tastes, just put the flannel PJs away for a night. For this romantic gift, find something you feel comfortable and confident in - you'll both be happy about it!
  • Steak dinner - Most men love a perfectly grilled piece of red meat. A steak dinner is a simple gift idea that the whole family can enjoy. Take Dad out to a restaurant or grill something up at home. If Dad's a vegetarian, look for recipes for grilled veggies or portabella mushrooms. Check out our tips to help you create the perfect barbecue dinner for more inspiration.
  • A note of thanks - Too often we forget to show our appreciation for the little things, so the best way to top off any of these gift ideas is with a heartfelt note to your man, thanking him for everything he does. Write him a letter that focuses on specific things he's done that have meant a lot to you.

You both know just how hard it is to raise a family. Father's Day is an important time to congratulate yourselves on the great job you're doing. No family is perfect, but by working as a team and taking the time to appreciate each other, you can make caring for your family easier and more enjoyable.

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