Father's Day Gift Guide

Tips for finding out what Dad really wants

Father's Day gift giving isn't easy. Moms are pretty open about what they like and dislike, but Dads are usually a bit more secretive. On Mother's Day, a nice card and a bouquet of flowers is a safe (if uncreative) idea, but that kind of standard gift for Dad is harder to nail down. Don't worry - we've got you covered when it comes to gifts from the kids, gifts from Mom and gifts you definitely shouldn't give Dad. And, we can also help you find gifts that Dad really wants but won't ask for.

Getting the goods

Finding out what Dad really wants for Father's Day can be tricky. Some dads are clear about what Father's Day gifts they want, but others will either shrug, tell you they haven't thought about it or tell you they don't need a gift. Not very helpful! We can lend a hand with great gift ideas for every dad. Dad already owns everything on our lists? Now you've got to do some detective work:

  • Be observant - A week or two before Father's Day, tag along with Dad when he runs errands. When he's done checking off the items on his list, he'll probably stop in at one of his favorite stores. Pay attention to the shops he takes you into and listen to the questions he asks the sales staff. If they start chatting about a specific product, make note of it. It might make a great Father's Day idea.
  • Ask around - If Dad isn't being forthcoming with gift ideas, ask Mom, your uncles, Grandma, his buddies and anyone else you can think of who might know what he's been eyeing at the mall. Most people like to offer Father's Day ideas and gift suggestions, so you shouldn't have difficulty coming up with a solution.
  • Snoop - Desperate times call for desperate measures! If you've got an idea for a gift for Dad, do some snooping to make sure he doesn't already have it. Stealthily look through his collections and keep an eye out for obvious gaps - the missing items make great Father's Day ideas.
  • Listen for hints - Some dads, even if they've said they don't know what they want for Father's Day, will drop a few subtle hints. Look for magazines Dad's left open to certain pages or ads he's circled in the classifieds. He may not realize he's hinting about Father's Day gifts, but you can benefit from the clues he leaves.
  • Upgrade - From underwear to power tools, dads have a bad habit of hanging on to things that are worn out. Replacing an out-of-date device with a newer model is a great Father's Day gift for Dad. Don't throw out any of his things, just take his old items to a place that specializes in the product, and ask the sales staff to point out a new model with improved features.

Coming up with Father's Day ideas can definitely be a challenge, but don't give up hope! You can always fall back on gift certificates to a store Dad frequents or just go with a nice dinner out, if you're really stuck for ideas.

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