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Hardware Configuration
1000 square meters of 100,000-level purification workshop in accordance with GMP standards, 200 square meters of physicochemical laboratory, and continuously expand research and development and production sites in development; equipped with various imported and domestic advanced production and testing equipment.
The R&D team is composed of senior engineers in medicine, polymer materials, automation, mold design, etc. The production and quality inspectors are a group of technicians, technicians and professionals with medical consumables qualifications.
R&D Strength 362.com
Although the establishment time of Ike is not long, it has owned patents, 5 types of products that have been independently designed and obtained registration certificates, and 6 registered products. Actively carry out research and development cooperation with well-known domestic research institutes and hospitals, and keep up with international cutting-edge technologies to ensure that R&D innovation has strong competitiveness. 6556.net
After-sales Protection
Ecure has an experienced and responsive high-efficiency after-sales service team to track the problems of products and related products, and solve problems in the process of product use in time.
Government Support
Ecure is located in the national-level Chongchuan Science and Technology Pioneer Park, relying on the government's encouragement policies for the medical device industry at all levels of government, in research and development innovation, talent introduction, industry-university-research cooperation, fiscal and tax incentives, foreign trade, and financial support. All of them enjoy policy advantages.