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    Talent Concept - People-oriented, Morality First, Eclectic, Applicable Innovation is the source of development, and talent is the source of innovation. We respect the interests of our employees, motivate our employees to innovate and achieve common development with our employees. www.6165l.com
  • Work Concept - Happy Work, Good Life Work is the foundation of life. Only by working hard can you live a happy life. All Ike people should correct their attitude towards work, enjoy work, and enjoy life!
  • Learning Concept - Lifelong Learning, Constantly Surpassing Lifelong learning is not only the only way for employees to develop themselves, but also the guarantee for the company's sustainable development. We must adopt an open-minded attitude, improve in learning, grow in challenges, and break through in innovation.

  • quality engineer Apply

    Work content
    1. Responsible for the quality management and inspection of the whole process of production, and formulate inspection procedures according to product quality standards;
    2. Examine the inspection records of the inspection samples by the inspection personnel on the raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, and issue a signed inspection report;
    3. Responsible for approving or denying the use of all materials and intermediate products and leaving the factory;
    4. Responsible for the management of equipment, instruments, reagents and measuring instruments for testing and testing;
    5. Responsible for organizing the education and training of product quality at all levels of the company;
    6. Other quality related work.
    job requirements:
    1, 2 years of product quality management experience, medical equipment, quality management experience is preferred;
    2. Familiar with the use of basic inspection instruments, as well as general physical, chemical, and microbiological analysis methods;
    3. Understand the methods of quality management control, and find problems in time when production and inspection parameters are abnormal. It can control and eliminate problems through PDCA, FEMA and other quality management methods to improve quality;
    4. Have strong processing ability for emergencies, strong sense of responsibility, principle, and good communication and coordination.

    Sales Representative Apply

    Job requirement:

    1. Colleague degree or above,medicine,marketing or other related majors;

    2. Three to five years working experience,medical treatment or sales experience;

    3. Adapt to medium and low intensity business trips

    4. Have telephonic sales, commercial negotiation,PPT presentation(product training& opening department meeting)capacity

    5. Integrity,optimist, have a certain communication skills and team corporation spirit.


    Product Specialist/Manager Apply

    Job requirements:

    1. Colleague degree or above, clinical medicine(nursing)or marketing and other related major

    2. Three to five years working experience, clinical or product manager experience

    3. Adapt to medium and low intensity business trips

    4. Be equipped with clinical product learning/PPT presentation(product training&assistance department)capacity

    5. Have a certain marketing knowledge and skills

    6. Integrity,optimist, have a certain communication skills and team corporation spirit