Give Yourself A Day Off

How to get the well-deserved break you need

Being a father demands a lot of effort. Not only are you busy at work all day, but when you come home you've got another full time job helping care for your family. It's perfectly reasonable to expect one day out of the year where you can do the things you really want, but it can be hard to get. The subtle kicker of Father's Day is that the kids will want to spend time with you too. So while you might have plans to put your feet up and watch the game all day, you're morally obligated to put in a few hours of Father's Day family fun. But all is not lost - we've got some Father's Day ideas that will make both you and the kids happy:

Keeping yourself and the kids entertained

So a day walking through Fairy Princess Land at your local theme park isn't quite what you had in mind for your day off? Finding Father's Day ideas that both you and the kids will enjoy can be difficult. Remember, if you've got younger kids they'll get tuckered out or bored quickly. Plan activities that are short and try doing a few different things to keep the kids entertained. Teenagers won't mind lounging with you and may be in that handy stage when they don't want anything to do with you at all. At least it guarantees you a little peace and quiet!

A day at the beach is a smart and simple Father's Day idea. You can play with the kids in the water for awhile then hand them off to Mom and let them build sandcastles while you enjoy a snooze on the sand. Bring along a radio so you won't miss any highlights of the game. A portable TV isn't a bad gift idea either and would make your seaside visit even more enjoyable. Hint, hint. If you're sticking close to home, pick up a few age-appropriate and mom-supervised craft kits, and let the young ones assemble them while you enjoy some quality couch time.

Side-step the chores

Father's Day is your chance to legitimately avoid the weekly chores and we're already promoting the idea for you. If the weekend is when your family does most of the cleaning and repairs, try tackling some of it during the week. With any luck, you won't have gutter cleaning foisted on you on Father's Day, but if you think it's on the docket, try to get it out of the way ahead of time. You can also suggest to the kids that doing your chores for you is a great gift idea.

When the family starts talking about Father's Day plans, plant the seed that giving Dad a day off is a wonderful gift idea and all the present you need. You could even comment that you'd like to spend some time hanging out, but that there's always work to be done - your heroic attitude is sure to inspire at least one of them to pitch in so you can kick back.

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