Opening Up On Father's Day

The difference between being a father and being a dad

Dads, have you ever noticed that the majority of Father's Day cards on the shelves are about burping and farting, and that many Father's Day gift ideas are gags? In the past, it was common for men to hide their emotions, and the L-word was something you may have only heard from your mom but not from Dad. Brother, the world is changing, and so are today's dads. There's a lot going on in kids' lives nowadays, and some of it is pretty scary stuff. Yes, they depend on you for the basics like food, shelter and clothing, but they also thrive when they get a bit of affection. Opening up to your kids doesn't make you soft, it helps make them stronger.

Father's Day resolutions

Most of us save our resolutions for New Year's Eve and they last about as long as the countdown. But on Father's Day, why not make a plan to become a better father? We're not talking about putting in another five hours a week at the office. This Father's Day idea is about increasing your focus on your family. We know you work hard to provide financially for the people who call you Dad, and sometimes that comes at the price of time with your family. To make sure you don't lose touch, renew your efforts to truly connect with your kids - they'll appreciate it just as much as a growing college fund.

Commit some time to your family every week. It can be as simple as an hour devoted to board games or helping tuck the kids in every night. Call the ones who are away at school every Sunday, and congratulate them on their achievements. As part of this Father's Day idea, make a list of things you want to learn about your kids, like their favorite sports, bands, foods, friends and the things they want to accomplish as they get older. The more you understand about your kids, the easier you'll find it to make the sacrifices you do.

What you can learn from Father's Day

It's nice if you can choose the things you do on Father's Day, but you can also learn a lot about your kids by letting them choose the activities themselves. If they take you to the movies, you'll get an idea of what they find funny, which stars they think are hot and how they think the world works. Take them out to dinner and you'll see which manners they've picked up, and you'll have uninterrupted time to talk about school and their friends.

Your kids' Father's Day gift ideas say a lot about how well they know you too. (If you've ever been given a really bizarre gift, you'll know what we're talking about!) Your kids Father's Day gift ideas reflect who they think you are, so if you keep getting the old stand-bys of ties and shaving products, it's a sign your kids don't know much about you. The more time you spend with your kids, the better you'll understand each other and the more effective you'll be as a parent.

Although the family certainly appreciates it, being a dad is about more than bringing home the paycheck - it's also about the time you spend with your kids. This Father's Day, make a resolution to be as active as you can in your family, and take the time to really connect with the ones who call you Dad - you'll be surprised by what you can find out.

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