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Tips and tricks for making the most of Father’s Day

Many dads approach Father’s Day with mixed emotions. It’s supposed to be a day to kick back and relax while your kids shower you with affection and thoughtful Father’s Day gifts, but how often it actually works out like that is anyone’s guess. Dad usually gets stuck with the bill on Father’s Day and forces a grateful smile when he adds yet another tie to his collection. Guys, we’ve got tips to help you navigate the tricky parts of Father’s Day. Whether it’s getting the gifts you really want, attempting to secure a chore-free day or navigating the murky waters of opening up to your family on Father’s Day, we’ve got you covered!

Treating yourself right on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a great excuse to treat yourself to something special. If the kids don’t come through for you, buy yourself the Father’s Day gift you really wanted - pick up a copy of the game you’ve been dying to play or snag the slick shirt you’ve been eyeing in your favorite menswear store.

Not that you need them, but there are lots of ways to justify your self-bought Father’s Day gifts. Maybe you wanted to look nice for dinner out with your family. Maybe the new speakers will enhance your kids’ learning abilities by teaching them about sound waves. That swimsuit calendar promotes healthy activities - you don’t want your kids to sit around, become overweight and develop heart problems do you?

You can also give yourself the gift of some time off. If you’re going to foot the bill for the day’s activities anyway, play it to your advantage. As a Father’s Day gift from you to the kids, get them tickets to next weekend’s performance of Cartoons On Ice and send them off with Mom and the cousins. While they’re being dazzled by princesses and talking animals, you’ll have the house to yourself to enjoy whatever’s on TV or the inside of your eyelids.

Handing over the reins

As a man, there are some jobs that fall naturally in your hands, and grilling meat is one of them. Washing the car is another. The perk is, you probably enjoy these jobs – even if you don’t make it known to the family. One of the kids’ favorite Father’s Day ideas is to give you a break from those chores - true, you might be eating overcooked, tough steaks and your car might be covered in watermarks, but do your best to let the kids have their moment. Don’t interrupt, don’t offer suggestions, just let them do their thing. Trying to teach them while they’re doing something nice for you won’t go over well. Let them do things their way and choose another time to teach them the benefits of quick searing and chamois work. Don’t look for the receipts from your cheesy Father’s Day gifts either. Just grin and wear it, buddy. We wish you luck.

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