Father's Day Gets Less Fanfare?

Don't give Dad the short end of the stick

It's an odd and unfortunate fact of life: in the rankings of holiday acclaim, Father's Day takes a back seat to Mother's Day. Why is that? Sure, we could chalk it up to the fact that our mothers have a stronger physical and emotional bond after carrying us around for nine months. But after we've been out for a few years, shouldn't moms and dads be on an equal playing field? Some people feel burnt out after the pressure of picking the ideal Mother's Day gift and showering her with the appropriate amount of adulation, but you've got two solid months to recover between holidays - we say it's time to start giving Father's Day the recognition it deserves!

Making it all about Dad

Moms definitely deserve a day that's just for them and that recognizes them for the fabulous things they do - we're just saying that Dads deserve the same fanfare. Just like you spend a lot of time planning the perfect day for Mom, come up with Father's Day ideas that relate to the things Dad likes to do best. Plan Father's Day activities that he likes and do them as a family. It's easy to let your plans turn into whatever activity the kids like best, so make sure you put the focus back on Dad. Find Father's Day ideas that relate to the man of the hour's favorite activities, not your own.

Think outside the tie

When it comes to Dad's gift, for some reason, many of us put in a half-hearted effort. Trust us, he has enough ties and soap-on-a-rope to last him a lifetime! Stop focusing on Dad's neck and choose other options that show you understand who he is. Dad's gifts don't have to be expensive, but they should be personal. Listen to hints he's dropping or look for inspiration from things like his favorite sports team or TV show. We've got lots of Father's Day gift ideas to get you started.

Picking up the tab

Taking Dad out to his favorite steakhouse is a great Father's Day idea. Leaving him to pay the bill while everyone races to the car is not. Likewise, finding Dad's gift in his favorite store is a wonderful gesture. Raiding his wallet ahead of time to pay for it is not. Don't get caught up in the bad habit of raiding the Bank of Dad to fund your Father's Day plans. He may be used to being a constant cash supply, but on Father's Day, give him a break and use your own hard-earned money to treat him to something special. Paying his way is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give.

Sometimes we use the excuse that Mom is more likely to notice if we forget her big day, and we assume that Dad probably doesn't even know when Father's Day is. Trust us, at the very least he knows it's coming in June. Most dads won't let on when they know that you forgot Father's Day, but that's no excuse to let it happen. Write yourself a few reminders and stick them up around the house or program a note into your computer's calendar. This Father's Day, show Dad how much you appreciate everything he does.

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