Father's Day Traditions

How we celebrate our favorite dads

It can be difficult coming up with Father's Day ideas because everyone seems to celebrate the holiday differently. It's usually less about pampering Dad and more about getting out and enjoying Father's Day activities together. Some dads are given their Father's Day gifts after a delicious breakfast in bed, but many forgo that luxury to spend time with the kids doing fun family activities.

Favorite Father's Day ideas

Most dads seem to have a natural ability to get up much earlier than anyone else in the family, so making Dad breakfast in bed can be tricky. Instead, many families go out for breakfast - a treat everyone can enjoy. After breakfast and opening Dad's gifts, it's time to get out and enjoy the day. Sometimes that means organizing an activity that both Dad and the kids can enjoy, like racing go-karts or paintball. Other times it means helping Dad rest and relax while he naps in a hammock in the yard. Dad's gifts can include passes to an amusement park or a new novel to enjoy while he takes it easy. When you're looking for Father's Day ideas, think about the things Dad likes doing best - most often it's acting like a kid again!

Father's Day flowers?

We don't often think of giving Dad flowers because - well, aren't they supposed to be for girls? The traditional flower of Father's Day is the red rose. If you're taking him out for a fancy breakfast or dinner, honor Dad by pinning a red rose to your shirt. If your father has passed away, choose a white rose instead. If you want to include blooms in Dad's gift, consider giving him a rose bush to plant in the garden or a ferocious flower like a Venus Fly Trap or Pitcher Plant.

The other Father's Day

For many families, Father's Day is a secular activity, not tied in anyway to religion. For others, St. Joseph's Day on March 19 is the day they celebrate their dads. St. Joseph is recognized as Jesus' guardian and is considered the patron saint of fathers. Your family can celebrate St. Joseph's Day with traditional fish-based dishes or meatless pasta. Spend time helping out at a soup kitchen as a traditional St. Joseph's Day activity.

One of the great things about Father's Day is that you have more freedom to be creative in the activities you choose and the traditions you follow. Start a new tradition this year by savoring some of the fruits of the season - pick strawberries together then enjoy them for dessert, or take in his favorite team's baseball game. The activities you do this Father's Day can turn into the traditions of tomorrow.

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